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Female pole dancing lessons for kindergarten teachers provoke the Yee teacher can not be a personal hobby (Figure)

Posted:2012-10-16 11:44:44   Views:1310
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Female teachers what is wrong there?

Female pole dancing lessons for kindergarten teachers not wrong?: I think a valley micro no time to work, and no jump in front of the child's face, not to mention any act contrary to morality, two the Tianjin TV as influential force the local media, not a file without the approval of the country's 'black programs' the >> broadcast of the contents of this file << Chinese Beauty is obviously no problem, three pole dancing is not black ballroom 'striptease' can jump, not illegal crime, so to say, the Valley micro pole dancing lessons at the right time, the right occasion to do something you enjoy, what is wrong?

Friends and parents are worried why? First of all, it seems some people, dress exposed action flirtatious pole dancing is not a healthy activity, will teach the bad boy, followed by micro can not jump as the Valley of the kindergarten teacher identity, others can jump not only can jump, you can also look like the scene of the judges as judgmental, big applause. kindergarten teachers are the children's first teachers, 'engineers of human souls' in the eyes of the children, the teacher is sacred, say and do must be right, can mimic Well, if the teachers do 'bad things' will naturally teach bad boy.

Why the wrong behavior sparked heated debate and even criticism? Through the above analysis is not difficult to find, the real problem is that some people prejudice pole dancing pole dancing was not agree that it is not an 'honest woman' should be engaged in the business, where people jump view. someone jump is the people's freedom, we have no control, but if this person is a teacher of their own children, then I can not sit idly out. Otherwise, let the children learn to go, would not the crime of great Yan? Then, someone starts a large number of special approval(Shanghai Station News

I believe that the Valley micro pole dancing lessons in the program is not wrong, the misunderstanding their behavior precisely because part of human for pole dancing prejudice. While this misconception has misled the kids that pole dancing is a shady light dance, pole dancing lessons can not see the light, shameful, neither imitate nor watch which is precisely harmful to the child.

Face female kindergarten teacher pole dancers, we may wish to calm a bit indifferent point. Insisted that pole dancers too adult, you can limit the viewing of children, blaming the teacher does not make any sense.

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