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Asus Win8 tablet released VivoTab RTTF600T

Posted:2012-10-29 17:44:31   Views:271
October 26, 2012, Asus Win8 flat deformation VivoTabRT TF600T officially listed, revolutionary innovative design and experience, interpretation of unparalleled technological charm! With light only 525g, thin only 8.3mm of wings, fuselage, Asus VivoTabRT TF600T winning the crown of world's lightest 10.1-inch tablet. innovation deformation of dual-mode, the the luxury top with quad-core Windows RT operating system and other rich hardware and software applications, so Asus VivoTabRT TF600T has become the best choice for users to buy a Windows 8 tablet .

Record: top with hurricane go hand in hand

Asus VivoTab RT TF600T record 525g ultra-light body with extreme 8.3mm thin, brushed metal back cover, highlighting the texture, 2.0 megapixel front, vivid display the effect of video chat, rear 8 megapixel camera, F2,. 2 large aperture, LED fill light, capture perfect moments anytime, anywhere, with a Super IPS + screen, brought about 178 ° ultra-wide viewing angle and brightness up to 600 lumens to provide users with the most perfect visual experience(

Equipped nVIDIATegra3 quad-core processor, ASUS VivoTab RT TF600T performance amazing: whether it is running a large-scale 3D games, watch 1080P HD video or multi-tasking, able to provide a great experience for the user. Equipped with 12 of the core of the GPU TF600T rich The renderings for a more exciting gaming experience, coupled with the exclusive ASUS Sonic master Salar, the ultimate audio-visual experience like personally exciting scenarios into a more intense sense(Technology News

New mode: Double deformation re-evolution

Defined as a deformation of the plate, Asus VivoTab RT TF600T achieve deformation 2.0 re-evolution! Keyboard base is made of innovative hidden hinge design, the perfect realization of a dual-use machine, the tablet is also a notebook, equipped with the base of your keyboard, battery life time up to 16 hours. deformation powerful, comprehensive upgrade!

Strong experience: interesting applications exciting upgrade

Asus VivoTab RT TF600T to double support for hardware and software, the Tablet PC applications become more interesting. Use of advanced NFC (Near Field Communication) technology, users will be able to through the touch of relaxed TF600T with other supported achieve the exchange of information between the technical equipment, access to content and services, TF600T support Wifi Direct, without going through the wireless AP Router can achieve data exchange between devices equipped with Bluetooth 4.0, to achieve ultra-long distance transmission of more than 100 m, AES-128 encryption and other specialty applications. NFC, Wifi Direct, Bluetooth 4.0 strong with Asus VivoTab RT TF600T become to communicate new defended!

For business people, it is more attractive to the the the TF600T equipped Windows RT operating system, and free pre-installed Office2013 full support of the PPT, Word, Excel and other file access and editing, the perfect realization of the mobile office addition users rich applications can be downloaded through the the TF600T swim Windows 8 app store to make life fun!

Deformation modes of the thin and perfect innovative design, powerful configuration capabilities, innovation, rich application experience, ASUS VivoTab RT TF600T allow users to be able to experience the beauty of science and technology, more powerful ASUS once again demonstrated the constant pursuit of 'exceptional'!

About ASUS:

Asustek Computer is a leading global provider of 3C solutions, the leading brand of the world's computers and digital technology, with world-class R & D design team, almost demanding to pursue the integration of design art with perfect quality, committed to provide the most personal and business users Asustek Computer innovative value products and applications. actively fulfill their corporate social responsibility always adhere to the simultaneous development of science and technology, humanities, public, finalists << Fortune 500 for the fourth consecutive year, for twelve years by the U.S. Business Week> > listed as the top 100 global IT enterprise, more << Wall Street Journal >> as Taiwan, quality, service and innovation first Reference Price: ¥ 0

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