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Faye Wong transferred divorce: Nicholas Tse kissing according annoy Yapeng (Figure)

Posted:2012-11-1 10:18:45   Views:2135

Nicholas Tse kissing Faye aged, according to the exposure Source: Taiwan's 'News Today'

WASHINGTON, Nov. 1, according to Taiwan's 'News Today' news, the evening of October 31, the website crazy heat transfer a group of photos Faye Wong and Nicholas Tse clinch at home passion plus Nicholas Tse said on television before. yet immersed Faye, and implied 'favorite of this life through a friend Faye Wong', and insisted that the 'impossible to do with Cecilia back husband and wife, and finally completely annoyed Yapeng, exposed him and Faye Wong impending divorce news.

In fact, this group home immersed kissing photos ', love Faye Wong and Nicholas Tse year, stolen candid photos of the next, I do not know why, suddenly on the 31st on the site and crazy circulated, accompanied by this group of photos, news, actually. The recent confession of Nicholas Tse, said the matter annoyed Yapeng, with Faye contradictions, the last straw that broke the camel's back is the existing transmission network crazy 'Ting Philippine kissing according.

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