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Foreign media: Israeli air strikes for the first time to participate in military operations in Yemen Arab

Posted:2015/3/29 9:01:00   Views:554

[Universal Military report] According to the Russian satellite network reported March 29, according to Yemen, 'Ali - Haka 'Party Secretary-General Hassan Zaid said Friday that the Iranian Fars agency, Israeli fighter-bombers for the first time to participate in the Air Force, together with Saudi Arabia Yemen's air raid.

He said, 'This is the first participation of Arab Israelis joint military operations.' According to Zaid said that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu issued directly to the country's army under the direct command, announced a joint Air Force and Saudi Arabia fighter-bombers dispatched to Yemen to implement joint strike. Like-News:Free News, China News, U.S. News, World News, Provides newspaper for all industries.