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Zhenjiang beautiful "low-carbon ecological transformation"

Posted:2015/5/16 15:59:00   Views:283

CPC Central Committee and State Council recently issued a << views on accelerating the construction of ecological civilization >>, the document clearly accelerate the transformation of economic development, improve the quality and efficiency of the internal requirements, but also re-emphasized vigorously promote green development, cycle development The importance of low-carbon development.

Against this backdrop, the National Development and Reform Commission Department of Climate Change guidance, the State Information Center, Chinese people will promote green travel fund, China's reform and a number of newspapers and other units jointly 'China is on the line mainstream media composed 2015-- Low-carbon China media 'activities on May 15, 2015 in Zhenjiang in this country choose to go to a low-carbon pilot cities, the transition to a green and low-carbon transformation and upgrading governance cases site visits.

According to local government reports, Zhenjiang in 2012 was approved as the country's second batch of low-carbon pilot city, Jiangsu Province, is the only comprehensive reform of the construction of ecological civilization city in recent years, Zhenjiang City, the national low-carbon city pilot as the starting point, a positive and pragmatic promote green low-carbon development, and innovation in low carbon construction. Zhenjiang in the province prepared Zhenjiang << >> main functional area planning, the first implementation of the industrial access, environmental access, and planning guidance, financial support , land management, classification assessment six supporting policies, environmental protection and construction, the masses follow the expectations of serious pollution in the eastern region and 西南韦 post Jianbi Area to carry out comprehensive environmental remediation, focusing on remediation projects completed Jianbi Area 93 items, Southwest Area closed 141 enterprises, 32 enterprises pollution control, water environmental protection, to 'a lake nine river' to carry out comprehensive improvement of water environment, the implementation of pollutant source control, dredging, environmental remediation, water flowing water, ecology repair and other projects to enhance landscape, basically eliminating the water black smelly phenomenon. Zhenjiang all exceeded the provincial government issued emission reduction targets and tasks( 2014 Chinese Academy of Social Sciences released nationwide livable city ranking Zhenjiang ranked ninth, ecology Zhenjiang has become the most competitive and brand influence the development advantages.

On the day, lower Chinese media line Organizers organization Reporters reporters inspected the city of Zhenjiang carbon carbon management cloud platform and Matlock Autopass International Logistics Co., Ltd., which is December 13, 2014 the General Secretary Xi Jinping visited Zhenjiang When once listened to the report of the two places of low carbon practices. Zhenjiang city carbon carbon management cloud platform is one of the 'four carbon innovation' low-carbon pilot cities of Zhenjiang City, was general secretary Xi Jinping called 'China's first flower ' Ecological cloud, ''Matlock ETS is the traditional logistics private enterprises use the Internet to upgrade a typical case.

Zhenjiang, Jiangsu Province, ecological civilization as comprehensive reform pilot city, first national ecological civilization demonstration area, but also the national low-carbon urban construction pilot city, the country's first to establish a 'low-carbon urban construction and management of Zhenjiang cloud platform' that 'China's first flower 'eco-cloud'. 'accompanying media reporters learned through field visits, the platform of the digital, networked and spatial low-carbon urban construction and management of visualization, the platform uses cloud computing, networking, geographic information systems, intelligent analysis, and information technology, the integration of multi-sectoral data resources (land, environment, resources, industry, energy, conservation, reducing carbon and other data resources) to achieve the systematic, information technology and space-related work of low-carbon urban construction visualization, enhanced ability era of big data base of local governments, deepen the comprehensive management of information technology to promote the construction of ecological civilization, and actively explore the 'four carbon' innovation, first in China to develop a << Zhenjiang fixed assets investment projects assessment of the carbon impact of the interim Measures >>, has developed the country's first urban carbon emissions accounting and management platform, pioneered carbon peak, fixed asset investment projects spearheaded carbon emissions impact assessment, implementation of a carbon assessment, energy assessment, environmental assessment and other 'one more comment,' the first implementation of the total carbon emissions and intensity dual-control evaluation system, at the same time, Zhenjiang also proposed a 'nine action', that optimize the spatial layout, the development of low-carbon industries, building a low-carbon modes of production, carbon sequestration construction, low-carbon buildings, low-carbon energy, low carbon transport, low-carbon and Building a low-carbon lifestyle, and decomposes subdivided into 126 mission objective.

Accompanying media the same day went to the Zhenjiang New District of Matlock Autopass International Logistics Co( News, Ltd .. It is understood that Matlock ETS is known as the logistics supply chain 'integrator', the company has been through the development of low-carbon transition will each class elements of resources concentrated in the electronic business platform, is a typical case of the logistics industry enterprise carbon transition. Matlock ETS in 2003 focused on the development of the logistics electricity providers to build the transport of goods Matlock ETS centralized distribution platform for e-commerce. The company 2011 --2014 construction investment 260 million yuan to build a nationwide cargo transport intelligent centralized distribution platform for e-commerce platform for the introduction of co-insurance, telecommunications, banking and the headquarters of the three operators together to integrate the country's capacity to help Kongshi travel. Cargo carriers of various commodities, so Kongshi capacity and cargo forecast to be information online, and intelligent real-time pairing, the online network to sign the contract of carriage, the online return shipping and receiving electronic documents, online freight payment, online claims, online tracking call dispatch services, to achieve a national network, cargo consolidation and distribution coverage. Since the platform on the line, the cargo members of the freight expenses decreased by 30%, return travel passing freight revenue increased 70% success Matlock ETS mode for low-carbon transition logistics industry to reduce costs, reduce carbon emissions, improve production efficiency to make an example.

In the process of green development, green development Zhenjiang also actively introduce advanced concepts and management experience of developed countries, and has been jointly support and help from abroad low carbon environmental experts and civil society organizations. On the day, Tsinghua University School of Public Administration School Long Xue Lan, Research Center for Environmental and Economic Policy Ministry of Environmental Protection main 任夏光, vice president of Environmental Defense Daniel Dudek, and the United States, Australia, Germany and other foreign experts from jointly held a forum with the green transformation governance capacity of local government, for Zhenjiang Green Transformation work and experience with the issue of low-carbon urban development generated by a full study and discussion.

'China is on the media' activities through field visits to discover this beautiful city of Zhenjiang, Zhenjiang city is working to build a distinctive, elegant quality, lead ore, carbon desirable modern landscape garden city, from the city to the country, from industry to agriculture, from gold and silver mines to Guanghui, 'eco-city' dream is the reality of the achievements of the beautiful Zhenjiang. Like-News:Free News, China News, U.S. News, World News, Provides newspaper for all industries.